Since 1969, La Liga, also known as the Spanish Action League, has worked to bridge the cultural and experiential gap for Latinos and other underserved communities in Onondaga County. Since 2018, La Liga has been an affiliate of Acacia Network, a premier health, housing, social services, and economic development nonprofit organization that provides integrated, culturally responsive services to over 150,000 individuals every year throughout New York State, six additional states, and Puerto Rico.

Desde el 1969, La Liga de Acción Hispana ha atendido las necesidades apremiantes de la comunidad latina y otros grupos minoritarios en el Condado de Onondaga. En el 2018, La Liga se afilió a Acacia Network, una organización de base comunitaria que provee servicios integrados en las áreas de vivienda, salud, servicios sociales y desarrollo económico a lo largo del estado de Nueva York, así como cinco estados adicionales y Puerto Rico.

La Liga’s doors are open to anyone who needs assistance. We strive to empower our clients with the necessary tools that lead to self-sufficiency and success.

Message Regarding Recent Tragic Events

Acacia Network and our affiliates, such as La Liga, reflect on the tragic events that have taken place over recent weeks in our city, our state and across the nation. During times like these, we believe it’s imperative that we recognize the resilience of our communities to overcome tragedy and generational trauma to rise, push forward, recover, and thrive.

At Acacia Network, we believe that we must capitalize on our collective strengths to effect lasting change, and that change starts at the community level. We are more committed than ever to working within and beyond our neighborhoods to spearhead initiatives that drive recovery, transform lives, and build futures.